Friday, June 5, 2009

National Donut Day - June 5

Today is National Donut Day! Celebrate by getting a dozen at your local donut shop, or if you've got a Krispy Kreme nearby, stop in for a freebie:
Either way, you'll wind up happy!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gourmet Donut Guide 1: The Old Fashioned

A dense, cakey donut, the old fashioned donut is today overshadowed by other more frosting-heavy raised donuts. This is unfortunate, in that the old fashioned is rightly considered a true classic among donuts. Ideal as a breakfast donut, the old fashioned is also well suited to serving as a late-morning pick-me-up or afternoon snack. Not too sweet, the old fashioned pairs well with sweet fresh fruit, and is ideally matched with a cup of café au lait, fruit juice, or sweet white wine. Overall, the old fashioned is an excellent choice for those who prefer a less-sugary option, but is likely to remain underappreciated by the average donut connoisseur.


Donut FAQ

As Donut Coordinator, I get a lot of questions regarding Wednesday Donuts, and the Donut Emails. Here are some answers to the most common questions I get.

1. I may be naïve, but one might think that an advanced graduate student would have more important things to do than spend time writing donut emails and emails about how he comes up with ideas for donut emails.
-Actually, I don’t spend that much time writing these emails. I usually come up with the idea while doing my morning farm chores, and the writing only takes about ten minutes a week. Time well spent, considering the positive feedback I’ve received.

2. Where do people get donuts, how many do they get, do they have to cut up the donuts?
-People generally go to JC Market, but you can get donuts at any grocery store.
-We aim for 3 dozen, but one time, we had seven dozen. Another time, Dann Cutter supplied three dozen donuts, plus fruit, scones, and muffins. Oh, what a day that was…
-We have specially trained donut slicing experts to cut up the donuts, so the buyer is usually off the hook.

3. When/Where?
-Donuts takes place in the Donut Lounge (next door to the mailroom) on Wednesdays @10:00.