Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Donuts are Delish

I’ve eaten a lot of delicious stuff in my time; pickled fish, fried fish, fried fish that’s been pickled. But I keep coming back to donuts as a favorite. Maybe it’s because they’re associated with good friends and beloved colleagues, I don’t know, but Wednesday at 10 is a high point of the week. Make it a high point of your week, too, by coming out to LAP S185 this morning.

PS->Donuts this week courtesy of the Alberto Lab’s own Nelson Coelho. Nelson used to be the military dictator of Peru. Then, a CIA plot stole his dictator beard from the nightstand while he slept and he had to flee the country. He has since reinvented himself as an expert at molecular lab techniques, but he dreams of the day when he can afford a new beard and return to South America…

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Donuts of Spring

I first realized that I was a scientist when my idea of breaks changed from, “Woohoo! I can do laundry at Mom and Dad’s house!” to “Woohoo! Now that all the students are gone, I can catch up on my research!”. So, since you all think the same thing, come out, enjoy the empty hallways, and share a donut break with your beloved colleagues. Tomorrow, Lap S185.

PS->Donuts courtesy of Dr. Emily Latch. Dr. Latch is friendly and cheerful, but she also takes her science very seriously. Once, at a conference, she kicked a guy through a wall (just like Jackie Chan) because he suggested that maybe blacktail and mule deer really ARE one species. You should try that yourself. It’ll be great.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mysterious Donut Stranger

Something mysterious happened at donuts last week. A tall(ish), dark(ish), handsome-from-some-angles stranger made an appearance at our little social. He coolly selected a donut, filled his cup with Heidi’s finest browned water, made a generous-by-some-standards donation, and disappeared into the crowd, having spoken to no one. Who was this mysterious stranger? Our only hope is that he reappears this week. Perhaps he will talk to us. If you want to enjoy the mystery yourself, you should also come to donuts. 10am Wednesday, Lapham S185.

PS-> Donuts this week courtesy of the Alberto Lab’s own Heidi “H-bomb” Hargarten. Not only is Heidi related to the world famous “Daaaancin’ Piiiiirate”, but she also holds Guinness Records for most oysters admired in a day, and most marshmallows eaten during a seminar. Thanks, Heidi!

A classic from the archive

Have you ever been in love?
You know, the way you can remember every detail, even after they're gone?
The way they feel, the way they smell, the way they make your fingers greasy when you touch them?

That's how I feel about donuts.

Come join the us this morning in the LAP S185 (10:00) for coffee and love.

We'd also love it if you gave us your money.

PS->Donuts this week courtesy of Kory Breuer. Before he joined the Department of BS, Kory was the CEO of a major childrens’ charity. Concerned that he wasn’t doing enough, he decided he wanted to work to help the really helpless: undergraduates. And so he joined the Biology Staff at UWM. Thanks for everything you do, Kory!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Heidi's First Donut Email!

Mattias left for Oregon this weekend, and will sadly be missing donuts on Wednesday. Even more sadly, I have been left all alone in the cold, dark basement. Being alone, with nobody to talk to, my mind started to wander back to happier days, when the sun was warm and I got to play with fish. I was thinking, “Boy, I sure do miss field work. Too bad I won’t be starting mine for another couple of months.” And then I remembered that I had to get donuts for this week, which is the only time I get to venture outside, because Mattias never lets me have any fun writing code is too much fun. That’s when a spark of genius hit me… Donut Population Genetics! I searched Web of Science, and there haven’t been any donut population genetic studies done, EVER! This is an unprecedented breakthrough!!!!!!!! I found a new thesis project! Kelps can wait! Donuts can’t! They get stale… or eaten….

Donuts. Be there.

PS: Our gracious donut benefactor this week is none other than Biology department’s own version of Chuck Norris…. Dr. Jeff Karron! Jeff Karron doesn’t study evolution. Evolution studies Jeff Karron.

Wednesday Sconuts!

Friends! Biologists! Countrymen! (Countrypersons?)
Lend me your ear!
Today is a very special Wednesday Donuts. Our very own Best Friend of Donuts (also, Department Chair)(also, top-notch researcher), Dr. Daad Saffarini, is baking scones (has baked scones, probably) for this morning. There will also be awesome donuts. Be there or be square.

PS->Donuts this morning courtesy of Gerlinde Hoebel. Gerlinde once tricked me into eating raw fish on a tortilla chip in front of Filipe Alberto and Rafa Rodriguez. Something to do with Chevy Chase, I guess. After that, Filipe offered me a job. Coincidence? I think not.

Donut Wednesday, with apologies to Motorhead

If you like the pastries, I tell you I'm your man
Coffee buzz, sugar rush, it's all the same to me
The best day is Wednesday, it makes no difference what you say
I don't share your greed, the only thing I need is
Donut Wednesday
Donut Wednesday


PS->Donuts this week courtesy Kim Quartemont. When she’s not busy being awesome at her job, Kim works out at the Klotsche Center. One time, she lifted a graduate student over her head and spun him around. I’m not saying he asked a stupid question, but, you know, watch your step.