Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Donut health and wellness

Recent research published in the Stockholm Noble Prize Journal has shown that people who excessively limit their intake of calorie-optimized foods, such as donuts, are more likely to be depressed, boring, ugly, and professionally and romantically frustrated. It turns out that an intake of a donut to a donut and a half (depending on height and hair color) per week is optimal for most individuals. To ensure that everyone in Biological Sciences is optimally healthy, we’ve carefully calibrated our Wednesday donut supply. Don’t forget to take your weekly dose tomorrow. Lapham S185, 10am.

PS->This week’s donuts courtesy of Dr. Erica Young. Dr. Young is a skilled scientist and teacher, unfailing in her willingness to help students to learn and succeed in their educational goals. Dr. Young is also an excellent colleague, always approachable and welcoming of student and professional researchers looking for guidance and advice. Dr. Young is unquestionably an asset to the Department of Biological Sciences and UWM.

PPS->That was pretty nice, huh? 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Donuts are Beautiful, by Willodean Hargarten

Oh Beautiful
Oh glazen donut
With many colored sprinkles

Or covered with some powdered sugar
And filled with fruity gellllllll

They're Bea-uuuuuutiful
They're Bea-uuuuuutiful

Bun sheds her grace on donutsssssssss
And serve them alllllllllllll
With tasty coffee
For every lab tooooooo eeeeeeeeat

Donuts: LAP S185, 10am.


PS Donuts this week are courtesy of Tony Paladino. Tony is so awesome, he can sing that song in 13 different languages, without making the sugar-free-tofu fake donuts feel marginalized. Do you know why else he is awesome? Because he is giving you all donuts today. Thanks Tony!!