Thursday, July 21, 2011

Almost time for a donut reunion!

Wednesday at 11:00 is hard. At that point you’re the furthest from donuts that you’ll be all week. But the caffeine and sugar are still with you, so you soldier on. Thursday has seminar, with cookies, so that helps, and Friday is the gateway to the weekend, so your thoughts can be on something else. On the weekend, you’re distracted by your busy life: hiking, friends, working in the garden; before you know it, you’re through to Monday. Monday might be the hardest of all. Nothing to distract you but trying to get back in the rhythm of work. Tuesday? The less said about Tuesday, the better. And then it’s Wednesday again, and the clock ticks toward 10:00, and you’re about to see your friends, and get a caffeine rush and a sugar high, and all is well. Happy Wednesday, Hatfield. See you at 10:00.

PS->Donuts this week courtesy of Harrison Baker. Thanks, Harrison!

Lab Work vs. Donuts

Just wanted to inform you guys that, although this is Donut Wednesday, I’d much rather be doing lab work. There’s nothing better than pipetting. Delicious donuts, enjoyed in the company of great people, pales in comparison. Mmm, pipetting.

PS->Enjoy an extra donut on my behalf. I don’t know who bought this week, but thanks, Mysterious Benefactor!

Truth from the Mouth of Parade


PS-> Donuts this week courtesy of Fred Allendorf. Thanks, Fred!

Donuts of Our Lives

In this week’s episode, Dr. Johansson’s intern, Liz, learns the value of collaboration when she receives a mysterious treasure map from a grizzled old fish ecologist at Wednesday Donuts. Following the map leads her to discover the truth about her mentor, and into grave danger. At the same time, Dr. Banks gets amnesia when he is hit in the head with a flying maple bar. As a result, he forgets to submit an important proposal. Will he recover his memory in time to submit by the target date? Tune in to find out. Wednesday, 10:00.

Back on the Donuts

I know how much you all enjoyed last week’s Markham Symposium and all the great research our graduate students are doing. Sadly, there just aren’t enough students to do that every week. So, we’re back on the Donuts this week. I hope you’re not too disappointed. If you’re sad, donuts make a good pick-me-up, anyway. See you there!

PS->Donuts this week courtesy of the HMSC-Corvallis Vanpool, to thank HMSC for all our support. Thanks, Vanpoolers!

NODonut Wednesday

Donut Friends,
Tomorrow is a very special day. Special, because there will be no donuts on Wednesday. Sad, I know, but it’s for a good cause. Tomorrow is the annual Markham Symposium, where we will all be fed to satiety at the feast of knowledge presented by our many fine graduate students and scholarship winners. There will also be refreshments to feed your tummy, at 11:00. Come out, enjoy some great presentations and posters, and have a snack before lunch. Awesome. Donuts will be back next week, at the usual time.

PS->Anyone have a craving to buy donuts next week?