Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Donuts or Motorcycle Gang

I know some people are concerned about the productivity they would lose if they came to donuts. I think my case illustrates the huge productivity gains to be enjoyed by spending a half hour (or an hour) a week with colleagues and coffee.
You see, I found myself with a free hour a week early this year. My initial thought was, I should start a motorcycle murder gang with my friends Justin and Kristen. Unfortunately, with the price of chains and gasoline being so high, and the way running from the fuzz tends to extend a motorcycle ride indefinitely, I wasn’t sure I could afford it or confine it to an hour a week. Plus, Heidi doesn’t have a motorcycle yet, so she’d be left out.
Instead, we decided to get together with our beloved colleagues for a little midweek snack.
You should come check it out, too. You’ll never miss that half hour, and you might meet a future collaborator, or postdoc. Wednesday donuts, Lap S185.

PS->Donuts courtesy of Filipe Alberto. Filipe is not only multi-lingual (Portunhol and R, to name a couple), but he also used to be a hand model for Fisher Scientific. Serious. Ask him about it at donuts.