Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mmm. Delicious donuts.

This is the best kind of week. The weather is finally cooperating, lab work is going well, and the donut blog has earned $2.61 in only 3 short years. The beauty part? It’s Wednesday, nearing 10:00am. That means donuts. So, even though the week is going well so far, it’s about to get much better. For a little while, at least. You should make your week better by coming to donuts this morning, too. It’ll make you happier, I promise.

PS->Donuts this week courtesy of Ralph Breitenstein. Thanks, Ralph!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NDF Workshop - Missing Donuts

I’m sad to report that I’ll be missing donuts tomorrow, since I’ll be at a National Donut Foundation workshop on getting free donuts in a competitive funding environment. I’ve looked over the workshop schedule, and there really seem to be some good ideas being presented. Some things we might be able to use to support donuts if the generosity of Hatfielders dries up:
1. Donut Theft: Local Statutes, Felony Limits, and Navigating the Criminal Justice System
2. Bakery Dumpsters: Are Day-Old Donuts Really That Bad?
3. Conning the Elderly: Overcoming Your Moral Reservations to Score Free Pastry
4. Construction Sites: Is a Hardhat Your Ticket to Safety-Meeting Donuts?
I’ll let you know how the workshop went when we reconvene next week.
PS->Someone grabbed the donut wand right away last week, but I never found out who it was. Thanks, Mysterious Benefactor!

Come to donuts

Is your life hectic?
Too much to do, and too little time to do it?
Are you constantly on conference calls?
Trying to write papers and proposals?
Are you incessantly being interrupted by students/colleagues/your advisor?
Feel like you are nearing the end of your rope?

Why not:
Shirk all your responsibilities and come to donuts?
It won’t solve any of your problems, but a donut and coffee would sure taste good.

PS->Donuts this week courtesy of Maryann Bozza and HMSC. Thanks, Maryann!