Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Camilo and the Cameleopards Great Donut Hits

In 1990, Camilo and the Cameleopards entered the charts at #205 with their song “Land of 1000 Donuts” off the album We Like Donuts. Although this was their only sniff at success, they recently re-released the album as a greatest hits compilation, Donut Hits.

Here’s the playlist from the album, now available from Rev J Records.

1. Land of 1000 Donuts
2. Donut in the USA
3. Never Trust a Donut
4. The Beautiful Donut
5. I’d Rather Be a Donut
6. That’s Not My Donut
7. Donut Cabana
8. Donut Strike
9. Donuts Don’t Lie
10. Let Me Put My Donut Into You

Meet the lead singer, Camilo Vanegas, this morning at donuts: 10:00 in the Donut Lounge. And buy a copy of the album wherever albums are sold…


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