Thursday, May 23, 2013

Freedom and Donuts!

Finally, we’ve seen the back of another term, we’re free of teaching and learning responsibilities, and we’ve got time for science! Now’s our best chance to reconnect with colleagues and department friends over a donut and coffee. Come out and reminisce about the days before you got buried under a mountain of teaching responsibilities. You’ll find nothing but sympathy and donuts in Lap S185, 10:00 Wednesday.

PS->Donuts this week courtesy of Jennifer Gutzman. Judging from her webpage, Dr. Gutzman is very intelligent. She’s wearing specs in her official picture. She works on brains, which a bunch of biology nerds like us have to love (since, as scientists we’re defined by our brains first, and our beauty second). Dr. Gutzman is also a friend of donuts, and we have to love that, too. Thanks, Dr. G!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Make Donuts

I was cruising the InterTubes the other day and came across this sweet video on how to make donuts:
Wouldn’t you know, the origin was Swedish? Man, those guys are great.
Come out and enjoy the fruits of that Swedish ingenuity tomorrow at 10:00. Lap S185.

PS-> Donuts this week courtesy of Dr. Douglas “Doug E. Steebs” Steeber. Not only does Steebs have a sweet rapper name, but he also dabbles in fine art as you can see from his “Arrangement in Red, Blue, and Green
And his “Study in Scarlet
Tack on the fact that he’s got a motorcycle and a lymphocyte for a best friend, and you’ve got yourself a true renaissance man. Thanks, Doug!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Softly, softly, catchee donut.

I really needed a snack the other day. Last Wednesday, maybe it was. I’d had a big piece of cookie cake, but the sugar rush was a bit too rushed, you know? So I decided to go find a donut. I knew that the best source was PicknSave on North, so I went there and set up a snare. An hour later and none of the first eight people I caught had any donuts. So I just went in and bought one. And because I’d waited, it was delicious. The moral of the story is: patience is key. As they say, “softly, softly, catchee donut.”

PS->This week’s donuts courtesy of our very own Dr. Gyaneshwar “GP” Prasad. Did you know that GP used to race motorcycles in his native India? He won a regional championship riding for Mahindra Motorcycles when he was a teenager, but a crash (and a concerned mother) made him refocus on a career in biology. In fact, he originally got the nickname GP from friends who noticed the initials Dr. Prasad shares with “Grand Prix”…
Believe It, or Not.