Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alice in Doughnutland

Alice's Adventures in Doughnutland (commonly shortened to Alice in Doughnutland) is an 1995 novel written by Swedish-American author Mattias Johansson under the pseudonym MLJ=Best.[1] It tells the story of a girl named Alice who eats too many doughnut holes and is transported into a fantasy world (the Doughnutland of the title) populated by peculiar and anthropomorphic pastries. The tale plays with sugar and fat in ways that have given doughnuts lasting popularity with adults as well as children.[2] It is considered to be one of the best examples of the bakery nonsense genre,[2][3] and its narrative course and structure have been enormously influential,[3] especially in the cookbook genre.

Because of the tsunami stroll today at 10:00, donuts will be slightly delayed (to 10:30). Come to donuts after you’ve survived the survivors’ walk…

PS->Donuts this morning courtesy of Scott Heppell. Thanks, Scott!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beaver Donut Pride

Beaver Donut Pride is FREE for Faculty and Staff this term !!!!
Beaver Donut Pride is a donut consumption program that uses eatometers, prizes and other incentives to motivate participants to “step it up” and increase their donut consumption throughout the week. Fall registration is going on now through 10/18. Visit to sign up. Join us for the Beaver Donut Pride Kick-off Open House on Wednesday, Oct. 6, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the Staff Lounge where registrants will receive their eatometers and tracking booklets, enter to win prizes and enjoy unhealthy snacks. Then come to the Eat ‘Till You Can’t Walk with the President at 3:30 in the MU Quad. Registration forms for this event are available in the Sports Clubs Intramural Sports Office at Dixon Recreation Center. Register for Beaver Donut Pride today and “get your feed on!”
Beaver Donut Pride is open to students, faculty and staff of HMSC and is always FREE for Students.


PS->Donuts this week courtesy of Leah Feinberg. Thanks, Leah!

Best day in the week

And so, dear friends, we come again to the best day of the week: Wednesday. On Wednesdays, the weather is always great, the lunchtime soccer is always fun, and the donuts are always free (unless it’s your week to buy). Come out and celebrate the middle of the week with us at Wednesday donuts this morning.
PS->Donuts this week by a Mysterious Benefactor. Thanks, whoever you are.

Everybody Loves Donuts

"Everybody loves donuts
I know i do-oo-hoo
Everybody loves donuts oh
Let's eat just one or two-oo

Everybody loves donuts
I know i do-oo-hoo-hoo
Everybody loves donuts oh
You and I should share a few-oo-oo

Go nuts oh Donuts!
Go nuts oh Donuts!
Go nuts oh Donuts!
Go nuts (Go)

Go nuts oh Donuts!
Go nuts oh Donuts!
Go nuts oh Donuts!
Go nuts....

Gimme Crullers and Vanities
Comfits and Fritters and Long Johns please
Don't hold back, I almost been passed out
I need me some yum yums and some cream filled rounds

You wanna get fancy I'm right there with ya
Let's get some Fasnachts and some Croquembouches
You wanna keep it simple I'll take a Jelly Roll
But just don't ev' forget about the sprinkles oh-ho!

Courtesy of Debbie Steel. :-)


PS->Donuts this week by Yanming Gong. Thanks, Yanming!

Wednesday Granola Day!

Reasons granola is better than donuts:
1. It’s dry, and it makes your mouth dry when you eat it.
2. Horses seem to love it, at least they love unsweetened kind.
3. Neil Diamond has a cool song about it.

Reasons donuts are better than granola:
1. Mmm. Frosting.
2. People seem to love them, especially the sweetened kind.
3. If you hate Neil Diamond, there’s no annoying donut song.
4. Donuts promote community.


PS->Donuts this week courtesy of Tom Wainwright. Thanks, Tom!

Good/Not Good

Sharing a dozen donuts with friends
Not Good:
Eating a dozen donuts alone
Talking to colleagues
Not Good:
Yelling at the computer for eating your last two hours of work
Getting your morning caffeine from coffee
Not Good:
Pounding a RedBull
Volunteering to pick up the donut wand
Not Good:
Leaving the donut wand lying in the staff lounge until MLJ picks it up on Tuesday afternoon and harangues some poor soul into buying donuts. ;-)


PS->Come do some good this morning at 10:00 in the staff lounge. Donuts courtesy of Anita McCulloch. Thanks, Anita!

Donut vs. Bagel

Courtesy of Melody Pfister and


PS->Donuts this week courtesy of Veronique Theriault. Thanks, Vero!

Donut Calories and Exercise

Since we’re all healthy and active people here at Hatfield, I thought some of you might be interested in how long you could perform your favorite activity using the fuel in one mighty donut. A typical donut has between 150 and 300 kcal.

Activity/Calories burned per hour/Hours (300 kcal donut)
Brush teeth/205/1.46
Card playing/130/2.31
Farming/Feeding livestock/389/0.77
Frisbee, Ultimate/691/0.43
Packing Suitcase/173/1.73
Playing guitar/259/1.16
Putting away Groceries/216/1.39
Rearranging Furniture/540/0.56
Sex, foreplay/119/2.52
Sitting, resting/86/3.49
Tailoring, Cutting/216/1.39
Talking on phone/86/3.49
Using Crutches/432/0.69
Weaving cloth/302/0.99


PS->Donuts this week courtesy of Scott Baker. Thanks, Scott!

Donuts (that's what I want)

The best things in life are free
But you can keep 'em for the birds and bees
Unless they’re donuts (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want), yeah
That's what I want

Your lovin' leaves me amazed
But your lovin' don't come with glaze
Now give me donuts (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want), yeah
That's what I want

Donuts aren’t everything, it's true
But what they aren’t, I can't use
Now give me donuts (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want), yeah
That's what I want

Well, now give me donuts (that's what I want)
A lot of donuts (that's what I want)
Whoa, yeah, I wanna sugar rush (that's what I want)
Whoa, a lot of donuts (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want), yeah
That's what I want

PS-Donuts this week courtesy of Bill Peterson. Thanks, Bill!

Lonely, lonely donut wand

Lonely, lonely donut wand
In the staff lounge
Dark and cold
With no friend to call your own,
How long must you be alone?

Can someone give a lonely donut wand a good home? Email me if you have a heart and soul.

Ultimate Donut

Ultimate donut is a running and throwing game loosely related to the game of ultimate Frisbee. The game of ultimate donut was originally developed at the Hatfield Marine Science Center at Oregon State University in 1974 and has since grown into the fourth most-played American sport in the world, after baseball, basketball, and competitive eating. The rules of the game are comparatively simple, which is a contributing factor to the sport’s popularity. Two teams, consisting of between three and seven players each, line up on opposite sides of a staff lounge or lunchroom. Play is started by one team throwing a donut (usually chosen based on strategic considerations) to the other team. The receiving team then attempts to advance up the lounge by tossing the donut to one another. Each receiving player is required to take a bite of the donut, and no more than seven seconds are allowed before the player must throw to another player or a turnover results. The team losing possession must then eat a turnover, and the other team selects a donut from the box and begins at the spot of the turnover. Points are scored when a team passes into a designated end zone area, and the player receiving the pass eats the remaining donut. If no donut remains to be passed into the end zone, the team with possession must choose a new donut and begin play again by passing to the other team. Play continue until the donuts run out, or until 10:30am.

PS->Donuts this week by David Rupp. Thanks, Dave!